Advantages of Driving a Volvo

If you're looking to buy a new vehicle near Allentown, then a Volvo is one of your best options. These classic Swedish cars bring you luxury, performance, and plenty of style with each model, so you can't go wrong no matter what you're looking for. Scott Volvo Cars Allentown wants you to get the best possible driving experience, so let's explore all the advantages you get when you buy a new Volvo in Allentown.


Volvo has long made a name for itself as one of the safest brands on the market, and it continues to do so with constant innovation. Each vehicle is built with a powerful frame and intelligent crumple zones to keep you secure in the event of an accident. There are also plenty of driver assist features available on new models to keep you confident on the road and raise your awareness.

Style and Luxury

You can't beat Volvo's distinct Swedish style with premium leather trims, fashionable exterior designs, and plenty of tech. Nothing turns heads like a luxury Volvo car, SUV, or wagon, so buy Volvo if you're interested in making a good impression.


There are plenty of Volvo vehicles for you to choose from. If you need something sleek and stylish, then go for one of the gorgeous sedans like the Volvo S60 or S90. Drivers looking for extra space should consider the XC40 or XC90 SUVs, but if you need something in between, consider a wagon like the Volvo V60.

Many Ways to Buy

Volvo is pushing the industry further even when it comes to how you buy your car with the Care by Volvo program. This impressive program lets you pay a flat rate each month that covers all of your costs of ownership. You don't even have to worry about insurance and regular maintenance, because Care by Volvo takes care of everything.

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