When Should You Change Your Volvo's Tires?

There are some factors that affect how often you should change your tires, from your driving style to your driving conditions and how well you take care of tire rotation and balancing. Of course, the tire's lifespan also depends on its quality, with inexpensive tires wearing down much faster than quality-made tires.

Volvo owners, a proud and sensible bunch, tend to drive their vehicles for hundreds of thousands of miles. Even the best-made tires can't possibly last that long, so regular replacement is part and parcel of the Volvo ownership experience. Since your driving habits and the road conditions play such an important role in your tires' wear patterns, we can't give you an exact number of miles that you can expect to drive before you need to change tires. Instead, the experts in our Service and Repair Center have put together these handy tips for determining if your Volvo needs a new set of tires:

  • The easiest way to check your tires' wear is to perform the "penny test." Simply run a penny along the tire tread, with President Lincoln's head upside down and facing you. If you see the top of his head, then it's well past time to replace your tires as continuing to drive on them is extremely dangerous.
  • Look for irregular tread wear, which indicates that the tires may not be properly aligned and need to either be realigned or replaced.
  • Check for cracks in the rubber, which may allow the steel belts to separate from the tire.
  • If you see what appear to be small bridges of rubber forming between the tire treads, or even across the tire, you're looking at a classic sign of excessive tread wear.

It's essential to address any of these problems right away, since ignoring them can lead to blow-outs, hydroplaning, or a serious accident. It's best to schedule an appointment with our service team and let the factory-trained technicians replace your tires with ones meant specifically for your Volvo.

At Scott Volvo of Allentown, we're proud to offer top-shelf service and repairs to our customers from throughout the Lehigh Valley.

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