We’re Happy to Answer Your Questions at Our Volvo Dealership Near Fountain Hill

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Even when they’re not in the market for a vehicle, a lot of drivers have automotive questions. If there’s something you’re curious about, you’ll be happy to know that we’ll answer any car-related questions you might have.

Here are a few of the questions we regularly encounter and our response to each.

  • Do you have Volvo cars for sale at your location? Yes, we have both new and pre-owned Volvo models for sale at our Volvo dealership near Fountain Hill, PA.
  • Can I apply for financing at your Volvo dealership? Yes, the experts in our Volvo finance center will be glad to help you secure an auto loan or lease package through one of our trusted lenders.
  • Should I buy gap insurance? Whether you should get gap insurance depends on a variety of factors, such as the size of your down payment. When you visit our location, we’ll talk to you about your unique situation and help you decide whether you need gap insurance
  • Is it possible to save on service in your Volvo service center? It sure is! We offer rotating service specials on our website that you can redeem in our Allentown, PA Volvo service center.
  • Do you sell Volvo parts and accessories? Yes, you can buy OEM parts and accessories in our Volvo parts center. You can also find rotating parts specials on our website just like you can find service specials.
  • Why should I consider buying a pre-owned Volvo model? Pre-owned models typically cost less than their new counterparts and they’re often less expensive to insure and register.

Do you have an automotive question we haven’t answered yet? If so, visit our location or contact Scott Volvo Cars of Allentown now!

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