The Volvo EV lineup has added a second model for 2022, giving Allentown drivers a pair of high-performance, fuel-free electric crossovers to choose from within the Volvo lineup. Visit Scott Volvo of Allentown today to see which new Volvo EV is right for you, but first read on to see how these two next-generation vehicles compare to each other.

Shared Powertrain

Both the Volvo C40 and Volvo XC40 share the same electric powertrain, delivering 402 horsepower and 552 pound-feet of torque through a dual-motor all-wheel drive system. The instant torque of the EV system takes you from zero to 60 mph in just over four seconds, while you’ll enjoy a range of over 200 miles from a full charge. Plus, you can go from 10 to 80 percent battery power in just 30 minutes on a public fast charger, allowing you to get back on the road for another 150-plus miles in the time it takes to grab lunch.

Safety Features

Both the Volvo C40 and Volvo XC40 share the same set of advanced safety features, including standard forward collision warning, hazard detection, and automatic emergency braking. Not only can this system sense vehicles and pedestrians on the road ahead, but it helps pick up cyclists and large animals as well, keeping you safe from a variety of potential hazards.

Interior Space

The cabin space is the only place where these two models truly differ, where the sloping roofline of the C40 crossover limits rear cargo space from 25 cubic feet in the XC40 to 14.5 cubic feet in the smaller model. The XC40 offers more rear seat headroom as well, while the C40 actually gives front-seat occupants more space above the seats.

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