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Care By Volvo Subscription at Scott Volvo in Allentown

At Scott Volvo, our Care by Volvo program ensures that leasing a new Volvo is easy and convenient. The Care by Volvo subscription supports you with several leasing benefits and more flexibility than even a two or three-year lease agreement. You can start your next lease by applying for this subscription car service online. After completing a few easy steps, take a look through our vast inventory of SUVs, wagons, and sedans, and our team will then approve you to bring your new vehicle home.

Finance Application

What Is a Care by Volvo Subscription?

Our Care by Volvo program offers you a variety of options at your convenience. When you start a Volvo Cars subscription, you’ll be able to pick a new Volvo vehicle, have one easy monthly fee, and drive the vehicle for a minimum of five months. After that period, you can choose to continue subscribing to the same vehicle or re-apply for a different model based on your lifestyle.

When your application is approved and you meet the eligibility requirements, your Volvo subscription vehicle will be ready at our dealership for you to pick up. Delivery usually happens within two weeks, based on availability and any transit time, but your subscription only starts the day you take the vehicle. After that, you're welcome to add a personal "vanity" plate to the vehicle and any Volvo accessories you desire.

The Care by Volvo subscription all-in-one fee includes:

  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Gap insurance
  • All factory scheduled maintenance
  • Road hazard tire and wheel protection
  • 1,250 miles per month
  • Excess wear protection
  • Vehicle payment
  • 24/7 roadside assistance

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The Care by Volvo Program Puts You First

Join the Care by Volvo program today and experience a customizable, protective, and easy leasing process. If you're affiliated with the advantages of leasing vs. buying, you know that leasing a vehicle means you can drive another new release down the road and use our Volvo car services ongoingly. The Care by Volvo program supports you with all of that and more, along with something unique.

Rather than leasing one car for a short time, the Care by Volvo program gives you access to our whole Volvo inventory and provides you with a whole new level of flexibility. After the first four months of Care by Volvo, you'll have the ability to select a new car of your choice without any early termination charges.

Care by Volvo Eligibility

With so many great benefits, you’re probably wondering how you can apply for a Volvo Cars subscription. To get things rolling, all you need to do is apply for credit with our expert and friendly finance team, the same way you would if leasing a car. Eligibility is determined using the Volvo Cars credit score requirements and other risk factors. Our Care by Volvo program eligibility requires a credit check and a valid U.S. driver's license. Additionally, should you want to share your subscription vehicle with a family member, you have to meet these credit and eligibility requirements.

We're ready to assist you in Allentown, PA, with a flexible lease that gives you a whole host of additional benefits. Tailor your driving situation the way you want it with the Care by Volvo program! The Care by Volvo subscription is available at Scott Volvo, and we are dedicated to helping you. Contact us here for more information!

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