Prep Your Vehicle For Next Year in Allentown, PA

The new year has arrived and, while some may still think about getting a new car, others need crucial maintenance around this time. The changing temperatures around Allentown, PA, can greatly impact your car, especially during the warm, dry winters we have recently experienced. Now is the time for year-end maintenance projects, including ol changed, fluid checks, and tire rotations. Schedule a service appointment for year-end maintenance on your Volvo here at Scott Volvo Cars Allentown. Our servicer center is on-site at our dealership and less than 10 minutes outside of Emmaus, PA.


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End of Year Savings at Scott Volvo Cars Allentown

The new year recently arrived, but shoppers near Allentown, PA, can still enjoy big year-end savings on 2020 Volvo models. Our new inventory still has a few remaining 2020 models, which we can offer for a great price here at Scott Volvo Cars Allentown. Whether you seek a sports car, SUV, or sport wagon, we still have a lot to choose from, backed by excellent savings. You can also get started online using the Scott Volvo Fast Pass deal. Shop for a new or used Volvo today at Scott Volvo Cars Allentown, located at 2120 33rd St SW in Allentown…

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Prep Your Volvo Model for Next Year in Allentown, PA

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At Scott Volvo Cars Allentown, our dedicated service center is your top destination for regular maintenance appointments, repairs, and expert service. As we enter the winter months, now is the time to set yourself up for success in cooler temperatures. From our wide selection of genuine OEM parts to our factory-trained service center staff, we are well-equipped to handle any job your Volvo luxury model requires this season!

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End of Year Savings Available at Scott Volvo Cars Allentown

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At Scott Volvo Cars Allentown, we are here to help you save on brand-new Volvo luxury models and high-quality pre-owned vehicles. Whether you are in the market for a new luxury sedan, SUV, or wagon from Volvo, or considering a leasing strategy on one of our pre-owned vehicles, our team is here to help you find what you are looking for at a rate that suits your budget. Explore our year-end savings at Scott Volvo Cars Allentown today!

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Why Winter Maintenance And Fluid Checks Are Critical

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Now that winter has arrived, it's imperative that you keep up with your car maintenance throughout the snowy season. Not only is winter one of the most dangerous seasons to drive in, but it also comes with many routine maintenance issues and repairs. Here are a few winter maintenance items that our Allentown PA drivers will want to perform.

  • Tire Changes - One of the most important winter car maintenance tasks is to switch your summer tires for winter tires. Winter tires are designed for freezing temperatures and deep snow.
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Winter Sales Available At Scott Volvo Cars Allentown

Are you looking to save money on your next new Volvo car or SUV in Allentown, PA? Here at Scott Volvo Cars Allentown, we offer a long list of new Volvo deals that every Bethlehem PA and Emmaus PA area driver will enjoy. These include:

Black Friday Sales All Month Long!

We have Black Friday sales that will save you money on the new Volvo vehicle of your dreams. Whether you're looking for a less expensive lease option or you're interested in a lower Volvo loan, we may have the Black Friday deal that you need. Some of…

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Volvo’s New “Care by Volvo” Program Allows Customers to Swap Cars Every Four Months


If you’re the type of driver who likes trying out the latest, most cutting-edge ride every chance you get, Volvo’s existing Care by Volvo subscription service program just got even more interesting.


Volvo has recently announced that it will now allow customers subscribed to this service to swap their existing ride out for an all-new one as frequently as every four months.

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Volvo Approves Plans For New All-Electric Mystery SUV


According to a recent report by CarBuzz, popularity for Volvo-brand SUVs has never been higher. Volvo’s impressive lineup of SUVs, including such rides as the XC40, XC60, and XC90, are proving to be a formidable force in the luxury SUV segment.


Now, according to a number of recent reports, Volvo has decided that its next SUV will be a fully electric model that’s even more compact than the XC40. While nothing has been confirmed as far as a name goes, the model will likely be known as the XC20, since a trademark for that nameplate was recently filed…

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