Taking charge of climate change in an industry already transitioning to electric vehicles, Volvo Cars recently became the first car maker to sign up to the SteelZero initiative, which strives to increase demand for fossil-free steel and speed up a transition to carbon neutrality in the global steel industry.


Volvo’s innovative engineering strategies for greater carbon neutrality has already made the company’s demonstration vehicle that much more impressive, made entirely out of carbon-free steel through its partnership with Swedish steelmaker SSAB. Through its Hybrit project, Volvo intends to make steel with virtually no carbon footprint in the near future.


The automaker says that, although the environment is reason enough to participate in SteelZero, it also believes that this is a canny business decision.


“A sustainable approach to steelmaking is not just good news for the environment, it is also good business as it limits our exposure to future climate risks and regulations,” said Kerstin Enochsson, chief procurement officer at Volvo Cars. “We are pleased to join the SteelZero initiative and support its ambitions to transform the steel industry. By signaling our demand for responsibly sourced low- and zero-carbon steel, we aim to help drive an increased supply to our sector.”


SteelZero was first created by the Climate Group in collaboration with ResponsibleSteel, a steel industry-wide standard and certification body, of which Volvo Cars has also joined. Via ResponsibleSteel, Volvo Cars can utilize reliable, officially verified, and audited information about its steel supply chain and relevant sustainability credentials, helping to ensure it is responsibly sourced.


Volvo Cars’ desire and plan to be carbon neutral by 2040 is part of its comprehensive climate action plan, one of the most ambitious in the auto industry. It aims to become a fully electric car maker by 2030 and plans to roll out a whole new family of pure electric cars in coming years.


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