Last week, Volvo Car USA and Starbucks revealed their new collaboration toward creating the first public electric vehicle charging (EV) network. This partnership is starting at Starbucks’s U.S. stores starting this summer, all powered by ChargePoint. 


The plan is for Volvo Car USA to set up about 60 Volvo-branded, ChargePoint DC fast chargers for 15 Starbucks stores across a 1,350-mile route running from the Denver region to the coffee corporation’s Seattle headquarters. Details include a charging location approximately every 100 miles, well within the driving range of most electric vehicles.


These charging stations will be available to all EV drivers for a nominal fee. However, Volvo car owners will be able to use these without any extra costs, totally free. Volvo Cars' decision is based on the company’s plan to bolster public charging infrastructure to make it convenient for people to own and operate electric vehicles. 


The Biden administration also recently showed a plan to award almost $5 billion over five years to create thousands of EV charging stations to help reduce ownership anxiety about all-electric vehicles. Volvo, at a company conference, also recently went on record saying that its plans to develop seven new EVs, among which five will be all-electric models.


This overall effort could make charging your Volvo all-electric vehicle as easy and fast as swinging by Starbucks. ChargePoint’s DC fast chargers can help the Volvo C40 Recharge, for example, go from a 20 percent to a 90 percent charge in approximately 40 minutes. Drivers of Volvo Recharge with Google embedded can use the ChargePoint app integrated into their vehicle’s display system, while other drivers can use the ChargePoint smartphone app to access the charging stations at designated Starbucks locations.


While their vehicles are recharging, drivers and any passengers can stretch their legs and take a break inside with their favorite Starbucks coffee.

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